Our motto of "Providing World-Class Educations with best Research" is as true today with GTS for "Enhance Tomorrow’s Better Future". By enriching the education of America ’s Students with world-class educators who care, we at Global Teachers Solutions stand by our purpose.
With each passing year, the undeniable financial constraints and scarcity of reliable teachers for each school system is readily apparent. We at GTS work with your mission in mind. Moreover, as GTS makes benefits available for our teachers, the school is relieved of the burden of providing the same. Rather school systems pay an administration fee that is generally less than the cost of benefits. Collaborating with GTS means quality teachers with savings to the school systems.
We work hard to ensure that the teachers we train are fluent in English carry prior experience in their specialized fields and possesses the equivalence of a bachelor's degree or higher in both their content area and the field of education. GTS selects the better candidates in Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Elementary Education, Special Education, etc.,for school systems to select. We also ensure that each teacher receives the proper certification to teach in America ’s classrooms.

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Our vision is to provide the children with an opportunity to work with, learn and experience the international teachers knowledge through the expertise they have obtained from their home country and thereby we formulate a better and bright generation and culture as well as good research

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Global Teachers Solutions, LLC. achieves its vision by providing world-class educators who are highly qualified, well-trained, supported and effective in educating students in the United States .

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Today, United States is experiencing a nationwide shortage of skilled professionals to fill teaching positions. Nationwide, a huge quantity of teachers will be needed in the next few years because of teacher retirement and increased student enrollment. If you qualify, the potential of your new position as a teacher in the public schools is within your reach.A Qualified Teachers would be eligible for employment in the United States schools for multi-year contracts with a good salary range.
Furthermore, we prepare the teachers for the experience outside the classroom by opening bank accounts, obtaining social security numbers, assisting in the purchase of an automobile and helping to locate housing. During the school year, Gloabl Teachers Solutions,LLC. staff will visit the teachers at school in-order to ensure that the teachers are implementing the goals of the GTS. program and functioning to the standards of the host-district. We make detailed observations of the teacher's classroom performance and meet the academic administrators to assess their needs and make them horn their skills in teaching. GTS staffs are always willing to assist our valued teachers in professional or personal matters.