How does the school system choose the right teachers?

Resumes for qualified teachers are provided to the school systems for review. Interviews are then conducted by telephone, video-conferencing and/or face-to-face interviews at the International Site. School system representatives recommend teachers for their districts.

Can the GTS teachers speak English fluently?

All applications, interviews, and tests are conducted in English to ensure fluency.

How does GTS support its teachers?

Global Teachers Solutions ,LLC (GTS) is committed to providing highly qualified teachers to schools in the United States . GTS assists international teachers throughout their employment in the United States by presenting workshops in Classroom Management, Instructional Strategies, Educational Laws in America and other topics to orient GTS teachers to the American Educational System. In addition to this, a representative from GTS will visit teacher's classroom to conduct observations to assist in their development and serve as a means of support to the teacher and the school.

What fees are involved if we utilize the services of GTS teachers?

GTS teachers earn the same salary as other teachers in your school system with similar experience and degrees. However, GTS provides the benefits for its teachers through an Administration Fee which is generally less than the cost of benefits normally provided by school systems. This results in a savings to the system and quality teachers for the students. The Administration Fee is also used to cover expenses related to recruiting and selecting the best teachers, sponsoring visas, conducting orientations and training sessions, etc.

Are the teachers certified to teach in our state?

All GTS Teachers receive a foreign educator credentials report from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, which is reviewed to ensure that each teacher is eligible for certification in the United States.